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Catching on Trends

Constantly trying to find ways to be an edge over the competitive and ever changing e-commerce industry? As consumers these days are no longer limited to the traditional methods and enhancing the buying experience is something that your company has always wanted to venture into.

With our live stream transcoding, it allows your customers an instant interaction with your brand and products/services. A given t­rack record of “engaged customers are 6 times more likely to try a new product or service” and with the video on demand (VOD) functionality, it is also easy for those who would like to review back the footage.


Get Your Customers’ Trust with Above and Beyond

Is your site secured enough for your customers to trust you with their sensitive information?

With our cloud security services, you are covered in all cyber security aspects with our secure sockets layer (SSL), web application firewall (WAF) and Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) that allows both your customers and you to have a peace of mind while transacting on your website.