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Free Your Network From Heavy Video Consumption

Let’s face it – your students love online videos, be it YouTube or the weekly episodes of Game Of Thrones (yup, winter has come), video binge-watching by hundreds and thousands of students often impose a heavy burden on your campus network, causing the network to slow down and incur high bandwidth costs.

An efficient transparent caching solution will enable you to scale your network and cope with the growing demands of video consumption without having to make heavy investments on buying expensive bandwidth.


Control Content Accessed On Your Network

Illegal or inappropriate websites with gaming, gambling and adult material can often contain malicious content such as malware, phishing and viruses. Unfortunately for many schools and universities, those are very often the kind of sites that students (and even some teachers/lecturers) frequently visit.

With the dynamic content filtering service in our caching products, you can breathe easy knowing that your institution has complete control over the type of content being accessed on your network.


Enhance Teaching and Learning Experience

Education has gone far beyond the traditional classroom settings. More schools are incorporating videos into their curriculum to make learning more interesting and effective for the students.

Only with fast, secure and reliable content delivery can your teachers have the confidence they need in utilizing these media channels to facilitate their teaching. Students can also benefit from quick access of education materials anywhere, anytime, any device; making their learning process a much more efficient and enriching one.


Automate Content Preparation

Ingesting content files into different formats, adaptive bitrates and resolutions for multiple devices can be time consuming and tedious.
Fast speed automation of such processes will enable your institution to focus on what it is meant to do – enriching lives.