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Fend Off Cyber Attacks and Improve Content Loading Speed

To be seen as a reliable source of information and service platform, web performance and security cannot be compromised in the government and public sector industry.

DDoS attacks, SQL injections and data breaches are on a rise, especially in developing countries. It was reported in one of the Asia countries that as high as 65% of attack incidents were defacements of government websites or domains monitored by the ministries.

To ensure a fast and secure web experience for all users, government organisations have to bring content nearer to the users with an efficient CDN solution that has the capability to defend against advanced cyber threats.


Enhance Public Engagement with Videos

As technology advances, customers are overloaded with information and it is difficult to catch hold of their attention with plain text or graphics. Videos and live-streaming allows you to connect in full transparency with your community during events including public announcements and political campaigns. For constituents, supporters, and the general public to stay connected to the latest news while on the move, you will need to ensure your videos can be prepared and delivered to different devices and browsers.


Prevent Access of Inappropriate Content

Government officials and employees often handle sensitive data and information. Therefore, it is essential that access to illegal or inappropriate websites with gaming, gambling and adult material are restricted in the working environment to prevent users’ mobile devices and computers being infected with malicious content such as malware, phishing and viruses.

With the dynamic content filtering service in our caching products, you can have complete control over the type of content being accessed on your network. Using a caching technology also improves the experience of the users in your network while you save on the Operating Expenses (OPEX).