Hybrid Cloud

Balancing your Business and IT priorities

Hybrid cloud, in simpler terms, is the marriage of private cloud and public cloud. It is rapidly becoming a leading cloud solution that enables organisations to achieve a balance between business and IT priorities.

Organisations can store critical or sensitive data on a private cloud and allocate other computing resources to third-party public cloud infrastructures that can provision heavy storage and traffic at lower costs. This means efficiency, availability, reliability, security, and cost efficiency for organisations.

A research by Gartner predicts that by 2020, 90 percent of organisations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities.

Why Conversant’s Hybrid Private Cloud Services?

Our private cloud solutions have proven customer references which consists of tier-one telecommunication providers and content providers.

Why Conversant’s Hybrid Public Cloud Services?

Our public cloud solutions enable organisations to tap on our deep in-country infrastructures while being more cost effective and catering to local regulations like data sovereignty.

Our Hybrid CDN model is made possible by deploying private CDN (File & Delivery Appliances) on-net and connecting through cloud services for off-net delivery through our public CDN: SwiftServe CDN .

Organisations owning private CDN can opt to join our SwiftFederation , a network built by operators using Licensed CDN technology and connected via the global SwiftServe CDN to earn additional revenues from delivering traffic on behalf of the Federation.