Industry Clients

Internet Data Centers & Cloud Providers


Provide Value-Added Services And Build On Your Existing Brand Equity

Customers are increasingly looking for a one-stop solution to meet their needs to save on time required to manage various platforms as well as to meet their business growth and expansion plans.

Conversant allows Internet Data Centers (IDCs)/ Cloud providers like you to build on your existing brand equity through white-labelling our public cloud services ranging from delivery, storage, web security to transcoding solutions.As your trusted partner, we will provideall the necessary toolsto get you up and running quickly.

Now you can have a complete, one-stop solution that meets all your customers’ needs.


Increase Revenue and Deliver Content Cost Effectively

Be part of the largest CDN Federation in Asia – SwiftFederation, and create new revenue streams by providing content delivery services for your customers who wish to publish content or deliver content themselves. An efficient way to deliver multimedia content reduces the amount of data needed to be carried across networks.


Be There When Your Customers Need You

Give your customers more reasons to love you. With in-depth and precise analytics provided by our services, you are able to monitor your clients’ cloud usage and provide timely assistance and solutions when they need it.