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Safeguard your Content to Dispel Unwanted Distribution

Do not let your efforts of creating valuable digital content go down the drain by unauthorised distribution. Instead of worrying on how to safeguard your content, creativity should be channelled into better use.

With our Digital Rights Management (DRM) cloud services, you will be able to safeguard the revenue streams and piracy of your digital content. Alongside our customisable content management system services (CMS), you can deliver high quality video-experience through collaborative workflow in delivering, authoring, marketing and supporting an end-to-end OTT content service.


Create The Best Viewing Experience For Your Audience

Now you have got good content in your bag, you’ll want to deliver the best viewing quality for your consumers. Ever changing technology makes it even harder to catch up with the latest devices in the market.

With efficient transcoding and CDN services, you can create new streams in various bitrates for adaptive delivery that’s catered specifically to your audiences’ bandwidth and hardware capabilities; coupled with fast and secure delivery of content that ensures high Quality of Experience (QoE) for the viewers.

The results? – minimal buffering, quick video initialisation, and a good experience on both high and low bandwidth connections with the peace of mind that your content is stored and delivered securely.