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Conversant’s SwiftServe CDN Partners with Alibaba Cloud to serve Southeast Asia and Global Customers

The collaboration allows the offer of joint solutions of Alibaba Cloud’s cloud computing resources and Conversant SwiftServe CDN service to Southeast Asian clients. << Download PDF

Singapore, 12 April 2016 – Conversant Solutions Pte Ltd (Conversant), the leading provider of Digital Media Enablement and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services and solutions in Asia, announced today that it has entered into a new collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, leveraging the latter’s near to zero-downtime computing resources to provide Conversant’s cloud Digital Media Enablement services and CDN services to customers.

The collaboration allows the offer of joint solutions comprising Alibaba Cloud’s cloud computing resources and Conversant SwiftServe CDN services to regional customers, outside of China. The collaboration would enable both companies to improve customer experience and penetrate markets across Southeast Asia.

This partnership is instrumental in reducing both Alibaba Cloud’s and Conversant’s overall cost of adding network capacity to support increased network demands from customers. For example, both companies can provide their customers with the capacity and agility required to handle large online events across Southeast Asia.

“The successful collaboration with Conversant is a testament to the success of Alibaba Cloud’s expansion into the large, diverse and fragmented Southeast Asian markets of Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. We are very confident in the potential of this cooperation with Conversant playing an important role”, said Raymond Ma, Regional Manager of ASEAN Markets for Alibaba Cloud.

“OTT video service providers, e-commerce customers and startup companies are increasingly seeing the ability to provide their subscribers with a high-quality experience on any device, anywhere as a core business requirement. We are seeing more demand from all our customers requiring a full suite of services that include CDN, Digital Media Enablement and Cloud Computing resources. Our customers are also asking us to deliver these resources in a highly scalable way and in the shortest possible delivery timeline. Partnering with Alibaba Cloud enables us to fulfil the business requirements of our customers.” said Mr Cheong Kong Wai, CEO and Founder of Conversant.


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