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IPC, Conversant partner to provide landmark CDN service in Philippines

Local cloud services pioneer IPC partners with Conversant Solutions, a Singapore-based digital media solutions provider to offer the very first enterprise-level content delivery network (CDN) service in the Philippines.

This partnership is made possible through Conversant Solutions’ local partner, Pagecom, which made the technology available to Philippine-based service providers. CDN services are highly critical for organizations that require accelerated or real-time delivery of digital content and transactions online.

Businesses, big or small, that serve global markets or mobilize personnel via the Internet will be able to provide their customers or users with an enhanced online experience in terms of the accessibility and responsiveness of their website or web-based applications. Online games, video streaming, reservations and booking, payment transactions as well as other digital content and media are delivered over the web with minimized lag and improved availability through CDN services.

Now, such a tool is available for Philippine enterprises through an easy subscription-based model that allows digital companies to use IPC’s CDN services without having to invest in special hardware equipment, maintenance and other related operational expenses.

According to Dave De Leon, IPC Chief Operating Officer, “IPC is able to empower industries more by providing a CDN service that helps organizations establish a reliable global presence by eliminating issues that interrupt long-distance online transactions as well as the delivery of digital content, affecting customer experience and thus, resulting in revenue loss. CDN is a logical step towards becoming a future-ready digital business.”

On the other hand, Cheong Kong Wai, Executive Chairman and CEO for Conversant Solutions said, “This strategic alliance allows IPC to provide CDN services to its customers by leveraging on the reach and scale of our network, through our SwiftFederation Partners. We are excited to share IPC’s commitment in helping its customers to grow and drive their brand forward in this increasingly connected world.”

In particular, CDN acts as an intermediary between the point of origin of data and an internet-connected device. Through a network of servers located around the world, member companies can deliver digital content, such as websites or videos, faster, safer and more reliably to end-users. This is especially beneficial to developing countries like the Philippines, where internet speed and reliability remains an issue.

We may liken CDN to a satellite store (whether it’s a brick-and-mortar, or online one) that delivers products from a supplier (the original server) to the market. Consumers who are nearer to a satellite store will not have to go directly to the supplier which is farther away. This gives the consumer quicker access to what s/he needs.

By subscribing to IPC’s CDN offering, clients will also have access to a number of features like monitoring tools and reports for customer insights and analysis, and be able to use it for geolocation. At the same time, the tool should be utilized to transmit content as often as possible and help offload original servers.

As a CDN provider, IPC is able to give a stable network through more than 50 POPs located worldwide, with strong presence in the Asian region. And true to the nature of IPC, it will provide local in-country customer support 24/7 to those who are using its CDN service. It will also allow customers to test the product and determine its resiliency before purchase.

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