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Singapore’s National Day Parade Broadcast Live Globally with SwiftServe Content Delivery Network


Chunghwa Telecom International, SwiftServe’s parent company Conversant and partner Weitech collaborate to provide a better quality of experience for the operator’s multinational customers

Cambridge, UK and Singapore, 2 September 2013 – SwiftServe (, the content delivery specialist, announced today that Taiwan’s largest carrier Chunghwa Telecom International is launching CDN (Content Delivery Network) services based on SwiftServe technology. These services will enable Chunghwa Telecom International to meet the increasing demand for bandwidth from the growing number of Internet users who want to access video and audio content in from Taiwan, China and beyond. Chunghwa Telecom International is also joining the SwiftServe CDN Federation

Chunghwa Telecom International is currently building out its global CDN PoPs (points of presence) to provide the best service possible. In particular, in view of the increasing traffic between Taiwan and mainland China, Chunghwa Telecom International recently rolled-out its first PoP in mainland China, with plans for further expansion to increase its service coverage.

Chunghwa Telecom International’s CDN supports web acceleration, optimised file download, video on demand and live streaming, as well as other advanced video and audio capabilities.


About Chunghwa Telecom International

Chunghwa Telecom International’s ( business specialises in fixed line communications, providing voice service, leased circuit, Internet, broadband access, intelligent networks, virtual networks, e-commerce, enterprise integration services, and a variety of additional value-added services. It is the most experienced and largest integrated telecommunication provider in Taiwan.