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Absorb Traffic Spikes and Prevent Cyber Attacks

In a highly anticipated game launch and downloadable content (DLC), gaming servers might not be able handle the requests. In addition, the gaming community as shown in the recent trends have become attractive to cybercriminals in light of its lucrativeness.

These issues highlight the importance of fast and reliable transmission of data between the users and servers, and also protection of your users’ data against cyber attacks.

Our SwiftServe CDN ensures that your online games are on major peering points, hence eliminating latency while delivering contents to the end-users’ network.


Enhancing Users Engagement – Your Key To Success

In this era of accessible Internet access and rich media generation devices, game publishers and developers are vying with the industry players for the users’ attention. Fun, insightful and relatable short clips are created to create hype before launch. Communities can be brought together on occasions for tournaments where event is broadcast live to members who are not able to attend. SwiftCoder has the ability to deliver its transcoded contents to end-users swiftly through any CDN.