Carrier-grade Transparent Caching For Bandwidth Cost Savings and Improving User Experience.

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Transparent Caching Optimised for Web & Videos

With SwiftCache’s intelligent caching algorithms, dynamic and popular content can be cached on service providers’ network automatically. It reduces traffic congestion on expensive international transit links while dramatically increasing end users’ Quality of Experience (QoE) through faster page load time, reduced start-up time and buffering of video files.

Even when the cache is overloaded, the bypass mode ensures users can still get the updated content without any disruption.

Generate New Revenue Streams And Realise Big Savings

Earn more and save more with SwiftCache.

By reducing bandwidth consumption and traffic on international transit, you can save on operating expenses (OPEX). Your network will also be scaled to handle higher traffic, therefore reducing the need to invest in infrastructure. That translates to savings in capital expenses (CAPEX).

Dynamic Content Filtering: Advance Threat Protection

Secure your network, improve workplace productivity and protect your users from advance threats like malware, phishing and viruses. Through SwiftCache, you can create white and black lists of websites or filter them by category to have full control over the kind of content that your users can and cannot access in your network.

Ensure your business is fully compliant with the legislation and have peace of mind while realising big savings.

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