SwiftDA & SwiftFA

Private Cloud CDN For Secure Content Storage And Delivery.

SwiftDA (delivery appliance) and SwiftFA (file appliance) utilise the same technology used in the SwiftServe CDN. They are tried and tested on a large scale. Based on your business needs and strategy, you can easily connect your CDN with the global SwiftServe CDN, enabling you to create new revenue streams.

Your CDN will be able to deliver the full range of services offered by SwiftServe CDN , including web-acceleration, file download optimisation, video on demand (VoD), and live streaming. You will be able to deliver both your customers’ and your own content anywhere over HTTP, RTMP, HDS, HLS, and Smooth, and to virtually any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile phones running Windows, Linux, iOS or Android. You can restrict access to your content to ranges of IP addresses, to specific geographies (geoblocking) as well as various business related factors with token-based authentication.

The Licensed CDN – You Own It

With a Licensed CDN, Content Providers can deliver a full range of services, including video on demand (VoD), live streaming, file download optimisation and web-acceleration by creating their own CDN within their own network (private cloud CDN). Cloud-based management, logging and monitoring tools enable the Content Providers to maintain full command and control over the CDN. If required, SwiftServe CDN (public cloud CDN) can provide the backup to ensure delivery of content off-net or in periods of peak demand.

Increase revenue:

File Appliances (FAs) works in conjunction with Delivery Appliances (DAs) to enable Network Service Providers to create new revenue streams by providing content delivery services for their customers who wish to publish content or offering to content themselves.

Realise CAPEX and OPEX savings:

Building your own CDN with Conversant requires lesser initial investments (save on capital expenses) as compared to other solutions in the market. By reducing the amount of data that needs to be carried across networks, we can also help you to save on operating expenses on international transit.