Content Preparation and Protection for Multi-Device Delivery

SwiftTA provides the same powerful File-Based and Live Transcoding services as our cloud transcoding solution –SwiftCoder, with the advantage of managing your transcoding work within the safety of your own infrastructure without compromising performance.

Architected to work seamlessly with Conversant’s CDN Network (SwiftFederation), SwiftTA enables Network Service Providers to extend their reach into new geographies in the most cost-effective way.

On-Premise Live and Video Transcoding Appliance for Content Preparation.

  • Transcode to ensure compatibility across a range of devices and reduced latency experience for end users
  • Content Protection (Integration with studio-approved cloud Multi-DRM or any third-party DRM products)
  • Ingestion (For storage)
  • High Performance – multiple transcoding ingest Points of Presence (PoPs) located near you
  • Seamless Integration with Global Conversant CDN Network (SwiftFederation)

Power of On-Premise & Flexibility of The Cloud

As your business grow and the need to transcode more media becomes inevitable, your on-premise transcoder (SwiftTA) will eventually reach its maximum capacity. Adding the flexible nature of cloud transcoding (SwiftCoder) will enable a hybrid deployment which spans the gap between on-premise and cloud, while at the same time provides the distinct tactical advantages of both deployments.

By transcoding your daily workloads on your own infrastructure and offloading the processes to the cloud during peak periods, you will be able to practice optimal resource management resulting in more cost savings.