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Optimise Network Investments and Grow Your Business

The popularity of multimedia and video content means that telecommunication operators and internet service providers (ISPs) are often challenged by the rapid growth in content requests that consume high bandwidth, translating into higher content delivery costs. Adding to this, users are demanding faster, higher-quality services to a wide variety of different devices.

With Conversant, you can diversify your services into new markets by building your own private CDNs or leverage on the flexibility of public CDN where our dedicated team will assist and work with you in getting the network footprint through the SwiftFederation. This enables you to reduce the time-to-market and increase revenue.

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Build on your Existing Brand Equity when Providing Value-Added Services to Customers

Conversant allows telecom operators and ISPs to build on their existing brand equity by white-labelling our public cloud services under their brand and provide a consistent brand presentation to their customers.

Not only will you be able to offer fast, secure and reliable content delivery services to your customers, you will get a trusted CDN partner in Conversant Solutions; providing quick deployment and high-performance solutions to support your customers’ needs.

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Reduce Operating Expenses (OPEX) And Protect Your Users

The increasing global internet penetration enables users to access popular, bandwidth-hungry contents in the form of multimedia and videos wherever they are. That often incurs high international bandwidth costs for service providers. The huge amount of time that an average person spends online everyday also means that users are constantly exposing themselves to malicious contents such as malwares and spywares.

With an efficient transparent caching solution paired with content filtering function, you will have a two for one solution that help you save on Operating Expenses (OPEX) and ensure optimal user experience with complete control over content accessed.

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