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Travel & Hospitality


Deliver Superior Web Experience To Travelers – Every. Single. Time.

In this digital age where internet connection is easily available, travelers expect to get instant access to traveling information on-demand and transact on a secure platform wherever they are.

It is therefore critical for businesses in the travel and hospitality industry to provide a consistent and compelling customer experience on your website every time; regardless of the device that your customers are using and the location, they access the website from.

Through Conversant’s SwiftServe CDN and Cloud Security services, you will have a highly experienced and trusted partner to help deliver a secure, mobile-optimised and highly engaging website (with faster loading for rich media content) to customers on the go.


Delighting your Guests with a Comfortable Stay while Saving your Operation Costs

During the peak hours where all your hotel guests are online surfing bandwidth hungry contents (e.g video contents), it is important for your hotel guests to stay connected while having their desired contents delivered swiftly. At the same time while your guests are using the network your facility provides you will like to keep them safe from malicious contents. Saving your Operating Expenses (OPEX) and delighting your guests is at your finger tip with our transparent caching products.