Optimise Network Investments and Grow Your Business

The popularity of multimedia and video content means that telecommunication operators and internet service providers (ISPs) are often challenged by the rapid growth in content requests that consume high bandwidth, translating into higher content delivery costs.

The largest CDN federation in Asia

SwiftFederation encompasses several public cloud services ranging from CDN (SwiftServe CDN) to Transcoding (SwiftCoder). SwiftFederation is created by Conversant to bring together like-minded network service providers who want to combine the benefits of having a private network with being part of a global CDN network and also being able to offer more value-added cloud services to its customers with the least resources required. It enables the network service providers an even better service to their customers and generating extra revenue. SwiftServe CDN service is made up of a network of private CDNs built by operators using SwiftDA & SwiftFA technology and connected globally to form the SwiftFederation.

Wasting too much time and resources on the complexity of digital content management?

As a web-based management platform, SwiftCMS simplifies the process of content publishing and enables collaborative workflow in Delivering, Authoring, Marketing and Supporting end-to-end OTT content. Now you can focus on your core business.