An Opportunity for Network Service Providers

As a Network Service Provider, you want to become a leading force in content delivery. However, many of your customers want their content delivered not only on your network but also beyond and, in many cases, globally.

So how can you create a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that has a global reach?

You could partner with global CDN providers, but these will typically be your competitors as much as partners, as they want to sign up the same content publishers as you do.

Conversant offers a different approach – one that puts you first.


The largest CDN federation in Asia

SwiftFederation encompasses several public cloud services ranging from CDN (SwiftServe CDN) to Transcoding (SwiftCoder). It is the largest CDN federation in Asia. SwiftFederation is created by Conversant to bring together like-minded network service providers who want to combine the benefits of having a private network with being part of a global CDN network and also being able to offer more value-added cloud services to its customers with the least resources required. It enables the network service providers an even better service to their customers and generating extra revenue.

SwiftServe CDN service is made up of a network of private CDNs built by operators using SwiftDA & SwiftFA technology and connected globally to form the SwiftFederation.

Be Part Of SwiftFederation

Many leading network service providers are already part of the SwiftServe CDN Network. These service providers have a combined subscriber base of around 475 million – all potential consumers of CDN services.

How are New Revenues Generated?

As a Swift Federation partner, you can earn revenue by:

  • Providing CDN services to your customers, e.g. accelerate their website, deliver Videos on Demand (VoD) or broadcast live events, and doing so on a global scale
  • Delivering your own content, for example, live sports events to which you have acquired the broadcast rights
  • Delivering content on behalf of other federation partners
  • Whitelabel or resell other public cloud services to your existing customers to increase their stickiness and reduce your churn rate.

You will be doing so without fear of your partner, Conversant, trying to compete with you for customers.